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The South Fork Fire Department has served for over 100 years providing fire protection to local communities. The South Fork Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 was chartered in 1908 “for the support of a fire engine, hook and ladder, hose or other components for the control of fire. This original charter not only formed and structured the department, but has lead to the creation of a solid foundation building slowly on character, professionalism, and respect “for one another”. The department today, unlike years before, now has the equipment and training to perform their everyday duties and still hold up to the high standards of the firefighting profession. Recent years the department has seen a shift in its operations from the firefighting roles of years before to a company performing duties across all fronts. From vehicle rescue and extraction, HazMat operations and medical assists. This wide range of emergencies has challenged our firefighters to learn, train, and execute tasks like never before. But even with these demands the company’s members still look out “for one another” to make sure that safety and professionalism are upheld to their highest standards.


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